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Hi, and welcome to my Blog page. The purpose of this is to provide an updated commentary on what's happening with world events, ministry, and politics relating to Christianity etc. and anything else that may be relevant. Comments may be made to philwent2@tiscali.co.uk

8th May 2018 
       I see on the news today that President Trump has decided to scrap the 2016 Iran Nuclear Deal due to Iran’s proven lies and violations of the deal’s terms. This was the right decision, and I believe it will lead to a much stronger, more effective deal in the future, as Iran is forced to reckon with the consequences of their lies. This announcement comes after he declined to certify the Iran Deal in October 2017. At the time, he cited lots of violations by Iran, to show that the Iranian regime was not in compliance with their end of the deal. This evaluation was recently confirmed, and further proven, by the revelation of over 100,000 top secret Iranian nuclear files obtained by Israel. President Trump told Congress in October that they would have six months to fix the many flaws in the Iran Deal negotiated under President Obama, or he would unilaterally scrap the deal, and today the six months is up. 
       The flawed Iran nuclear deal contained loopholes that allowed Iran to avoid international inspections of their nuclear facilities and openly continue working on intercontinental ballistic missiles, while fully funding their international terror campaign, all of which rendered the 2016 Iran Deal inert and worthless anyway. The Iranian regime made a mockery of the United States and the five other signatories (including the UK!) to the JCPOA agreement, knowing that the agreement was based on blatant lies and unenforceable terms. 
       The Iran Deal negotiated under President Obama and John Kerry should never have been signed. If, as former members of the Obama Administration now admit, they knew all along that Iran was lying, and hiding its nuclear weapons programme, there was no basis upon which this deal could have ever been successful. All it did was to give Iran relief from crushing international sanctions, which were putting pressure on the regime to give up its support for terror and the pursuit of nuclear weapons, in exchange for hundreds of billions in new revenue and the freedom to continue working towards obtaining a nuclear weapons arsenal, when the deal expired.  
      Today, Donald Trump took the first step toward making the United States, Israel and the entire world safer, by scrapping that hopelessly flawed Iran Deal. By withdrawing from the deal and starting again, President Trump showed he is committed to stopping Iran from ever acquiring a nuclear weapon. Now, it is up to the rest of the world to rise to the challenge of working with the USA, to take all necessary measures to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

25th March 2018 
The Bible warned us that a day would come when good was called evil and evil was called good (Isaiah 5:20).  I see, recently, that the House of Bishops of the Church of England has issued a statement affirming their acceptance of the delusion of the ‘Transgender’ agenda, which also has the active support of our Government. Their statement went on to describe Gender transition as a ‘moment of personal renewal’. I would rather suggest that Gender transition is actually a moment of personal REBELLION against the way a person has been made by God. This should not be celebrated or marked by the church at all, let alone described as a ‘moment of personal renewal’
This is all part of a madness that is sweeping our Western World, despite the fact that Israeli scientists have discovered that about 6500 of our about 20000 genes are actively biased toward one sex or the other, in at least one tissue, adding to the already major biological differences between men and women i.e. our sexual identity is programmed into at least 6500 genes in the human body.
The Bible says that God made us in His image and He made them male and female (Genesis 5:1-2) and Jesus affirmed this in Matthew 19:4-6. The whole Transgender agenda is an attempt by fallen human beings to remake ourselves in our own image, and a Satanic attack on the created order which God has put into the world.
The ancient Greek playwright Euripedes wrote, ‘Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.’ Evidence of a kind of collective insanity is all around us today. We know that destruction is not far away, when we see the imposition of  the homosexual and transgender agenda on our children!

15th March 2018
Quite a few people have asked me recently, in light of the news reports of the missile attacks on Syria, by the USA, the UK and France, whether WWW3 is starting and we are in the last days, or even hours before eternity. I actually feel in my spirit, that on God’s timetable, we are approaching the last SECONDS before eternity! With the 70th Anniversary of the formation of the state of Israel approaching in a month’s time (see previous blog of 17th March 2012) there is going to be trouble, as Satan tries to stop Jesus returning to Israel, as foretold in the Bible. However, I still believe that the most likely trigger will be the forthcoming Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear plants, rather than the current crisis in Syria. As John Hagee says, ‘Look up; pray up; pack up; we’re going up soon!

24th December 2017
I have now added and updated several talks, including: P002 - 'The Great Escape', P003 - 'The Great Tribulation' and W002 - 'The War Has Ended' from new recordings made at Longhope Zion Baptist Church this year.

21st September 2017
I have just added two new complementary talks: A006 - 'Living A Limitless Life' & A007 - 'Power Through Prayer' to the site. With the world situation as it is today, I exhort you to listen to them!

26th July 2017
I have not made many recent comments on this blog, as political events seem to be unfolding very similarly to the way I have predicted. However, I believe that it is now time to re-activate it as, to use a chess analogy, the pieces are moving into position for the ‘end-game’.

We have a new UK Prime Minister in Theresa May, who just survived a re-election vote, but I believe that God has put her there for His purpose, which includes ‘Brexit’.

Businessman Donald Trump is now U.S. President – a very interesting character: he may say controversial things, but at least he tells you what he thinks, right or wrong, so it does give us some idea what we are dealing with.

I am also fed up of our media and opposition parties bemoaning about Trump and May getting elected. It’s what the people chose! I think it’s sad when all you hear is gloom and doom on the news, which I thought was supposed to be a balanced representation of the two sides. Surprise! There is a whole other part of this country outside of your newsrooms, who actually think differently from the mostly liberal ideas that most of you news outlets expound.

Morally, the country is aiming for the lowest common denominator, in order not to ‘offend’ minorities, which now means that ‘the tail is wagging the dog!’

The Anglican Church is about to split over its marriage policies.

Same sex marriages have been legalised; I wonder how long it will be until we have ‘3-partner’ or child marriages? Some religions already allow adults to ‘marry’ children.

I have also just found out that the Likud Party in Israel are (quote) ‘nixing’ the idea of a two state solution for ever. The United Nations and the Muslims are going to love that!

Iran is still going ahead with nuclear production and North Korea is sabre-rattling.

It all makes for lively times ahead!

15th July 2015
So, the EU plus others have signed an agreement with Iran, regarding Iran’s nuclear production. (see my blog of 24th November 2013). Note that Israel says that it is not going to be bound by this: things are going to be hotting up in the Middle East very soon! Despite decades of negotiations and accords and agreements, things have not changed all that much between Israel and the Palestinians over the last forty-odd years. In fact, the prospect of peace today seems further away than ever. As you hear and see Israel being pressed to make concessions of land for peace, bear in mind that all of the concessions made up till now, have only been met with demands for more, and have resulted, not in peace, but in continued hostility. The lessons of the last century should have taught us that appeasement never works, but it appears that our generation is intent on relearning that lesson!

9th May 2015
Well, the British General Election result surprised many people! We shall have to wait now and see what the new government is going to do regarding
religious freedom in this country.......

5th August 2014
I was debating recently with a friend about multiculturalism. Whilst I am a 100% believer in different cultures living in peace with each other, I believe that the word 'multiculturalism' is an oxymoron, because multiculturalism is a denial of the simple truth that cultures clash. The proponents of multiculturalism attack this truth by claiming that all the different cultures can live like one big happy family as soon as we get rid of the bad people—the racists, sexists, fascists, chauvinists, bigots, etc.— all those people who will not change their beliefs to match fashion.

They do not utter these words directly because such a plain statement immediately reveals the absurdity of multiculturalism, but this is what they imply by their words and deeds.The flaws of their notion are easy to realise, as different cultures have different beliefs that make them incompatible. For example either:
• Adulterers are stoned to death, or they are not.
• Thieves have their limbs amputated, or they retain them.
• Young men who show contempt for their elders are speared to death, or they are not.
• Men can slay female relatives who dishonour their family, or they can not.

All of these conflicting values are the choices of cultures, but it is clear that only one course of action can be followed, so one culture must dominate.

23rd July 2014
I have just been asked to bring the meeting on 10th August at Ross-on-Wye forward by a week, so it will now be on the 3rd August instead.

2nd May 2014
I have just added a short new document on healing (H005 - Healing IS Ours!) to the site, as a result of debates I have had recently with some local Christians. Have a look at it!

25th April 2014
So, the Palestinian groups Fatah and Hamas have joined together - well, that has just about scuppered any chance Fatah had of an agreement with
Israel. Hamas are not just wanting equality with, but the complete destruction of the Jewish state. Also, our old friend Vladimir Putin is flexing his
muscles in the Ukraine - none of this bodes any good for peace - watch this space.

24th November 2013
I heard on the news today that the West have been lulled into signing an agreement with Iran on Iran's nuclear ambitions. (Does the name Neville
Chamberlain ring any bells?!) The Israelis are very troubled about this, and I am with them in that respect. The outward appearance of Iran may
have changed, but it is still controlled by the mullahs and the 'Supreme Leader' and the necessity of Israel's destruction has not altered (see blog
of March 17th 2012). Iran has been covertly enriching uranium for several years and I cannot see that philosophy changing and this will all, in
the not-too-distant future, lead to the war prophesied in Ezekiel 37-39.

6th September 2013
Well, finally, editing of the audio talks is completed! I have managed to digitize them all, but not to always completely remove all of the
background 'hiss' from the old cassette tapes, but this should not impede your listening enjoyment!!

15th August 2013
I had a debate with a Christian friend recently about whether one can be a 'Christian evolutionist'. I believe that the theory of evolution
contradicts the truths of the Bible, so I have added a document (Q002) to this site outlining my arguments.

9th August 2013
Now that I have a bit of time off from schoolwork, I have been finishing and updating some of the talks on this site and they should
all be 'live' soon. The latest additions are A004 and A005, F005 and P017. I have some more in preparation, so watch this space!

2nd April 2013
Alison & I have just returned from an Easter weekend at Beth Eden, a Christian guest house in Llandudno, an experience that I can highly recommend and I would love to repeat soon, if the Lord wills. As well as the excellent facilities, there were morning devotionals and evening meetings with various speakers and we had fellowship with other believers from a variety of Christian backgrounds. If you are looking for a Christian holiday in North Wales, I can highly recommend it!

10th February 2013
A thought came to me recently - The European Union (and probably Mr Obama) want Israel to give East Jerusalem to the 'Palestinians'. The Jews fought the 'Six Day War' in June 1967, (a war that they themselves did not initiate!) and Jerusalem was re-united under their control, as a result, according the prophecy in Luke 21:24. All faiths, at this moment in time, are allowed to operate there side-by-side. (Christians, Jews and Muslims).
The Temple Mount, in East Jerusalem, on which the Muslim 'Dome of the Rock' now stands, is the most holy site in Israel for the Jews, (although the Jews are not allowed to pray there at present for fear of upsetting the Muslims!) so I cannot see any way in which the Jews would voluntarily relinquish control of East Jerusalem after all that they have been through. I also cannot see a 'Palestinian' state allowing the Jews to come to pray at the 'Wailing Wall' etc. The Dome is the 3rd holiest Islamic site, after Mecca and Medina. Muslims still face to pray towards Mecca, however, even if they are stood near the 'Dome'!

24th January 2013
The Israeli election results are out - Mr Netanyahu apparently has the largest vote - when the final coalition is formed, it will give us a clue to the direction and speed of action that the new government will take regarding the 'Palestinian' issue and Iran. Could be interesting!! I believe that Israel will become more isolated, as a result, though.

24th November 2012
As Iranian missiles that the mullahs of Tehran have supplied to its proxy Hamas fly over the nation of Israel, concerns about Iran's nuclear programme hover at the back of the minds of Israel’s leaders. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) almost 3,000 machines used to produce nuclear fuel have been mounted at the underground military facility near the city of Qom. This move doubles the ability to generate medium grade, or 20 percent enriched, uranium in the months ahead. We are getting closer and closer to the “red line” that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has indicated as the point where Israel’s leaders must take action. In recent days, we have seen the terrible toll Hamas has taken on the Jewish people living in southern Israel. There is no question that Israel is at war and we should never forget the real nature of the challenge Israel faces. This is a literal life and death struggle for the survival of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

7th November 2012
Well, after all the fuss, Obama is still there! The trouble is that I now suspect that Israel will attack Iran's nuclear plants (see 17th March blog)
sooner, rather than later. The Democrats tend to be less supportive of Israel than the Republicans, so it is more likely that Israel would 'go it alone' as the nuclear plants are nearing the point where a nuclear bomb could be manufactured.

26th October 2012
Alison & I have just returned from the AWME Minsters/Leaders Convention in Warwick, where we heard excellent teachings from Andrew
Wommack & Bob Yandian, together with anointed worship from Charlie & Jill LeBlanc. We need more of all of this in our UK churches!
Andrew has a book called 'God Wants You Well' which pretty much backs up what I have been saying about healing. I would also recommend
a book called 'Christian Philosophy' (ISBN 978-1-908529-18-3) which looks at social and other issues, like creation v evolution, suffering, is the
Bible true? the effects of homosexuality & abortion on society from a godly perspective. Both can be obtained from www.awme.net

7th May 2012
I see from the news this morning that our friend, Vladimir Putin, has got himself re-elected as President of Russia yet again. I have been saying for several years that this man may turn out to be the 'Gog' of Ezekiel 38. Watch this space!

13th April 2012
This is from an Anglican Vicar!! (I believe it was originally published in the 'Guardian' newspaper)

'The Church of England/Episcopalians: Led by imbeciles, preaching rubbish and abandoning the Gospel. Time to come out of it!'

"One should be wary of overestimating the intelligence of the bishops. They fall for every trendy trick that's going. In the1960s it was CND, when they argued for unilateral nuclear disarmament- forgetting that the only nation which had ever suffered nuclear attack was Japan, a nation which did not, of course, possess the bomb. Then it was liberation theology, otherwise known as supporting Communist revolutionaries in South America. Are you, like me, old enough to remember the Church of England's Christmas advertisement picturing Jesus as Che Guevara? "Liberation theology"? Do you remember your Orwell? "Liberation is slavery. Truth is lies." Then in the 1980s, because of course, they hated Margaret Thatcher, they composed one of the most specious and illiterate documents of all  time called "Faith in the City."

"They supported the ANC against such democratic forces as were trying to emerge in South Africa. And naturally, they were in favour of that renowned democrat and egalitarian Robert Mugabe who turns out to be a tyrant and mass murderer, the very ruination of his country - which used to be the breadbasket of Africa but which is now the centre of starvation and mass murder.

"The thing about the Church of England - I don't mean the ordinary, sane people in the pews, but the insane and vastly uneducated ideologues who actually run the church, bishops, synods and the like- is that in the name of the gospel it consistently defends the latest claptrap as divine revelation. You might say the Church of England always follows secular fashion only, like some Prince Consort, one dutiful pace behind.
"So now, we priests in the Church are encouraged, nay browbeaten and threatened, to subscribe to the greatest financial scam to inflict itself upon the national consciousness since the South Seas Island  Bubble. I mean, of course, the fantasy of global warming. The church has swallowed whole the spurious (but of course, politically correct) propaganda in favour of this drivel. So now we have, as it were, not Directors of Mission - God forbid we should think alien religions were in any way inferior! - but Archdeacons for low energy light-bulbs and Area Deans for carbon footprint."What does it say for the mind of the Church that it should be so taken in by this rubbish? I thought we were called to be prophetic, standing out against the trend, of following the corrupt and fanciful anti-intellectualism of our times in a mood of what can only be described as corrupt and faithless sentimentality."The bishops and synodsmen, the hierarchy which presumes to govern us, is intellectually vacuous, senile and entirely captured by - what it ought prophetically to oppose - the spirit of a debauched and decadent age."

26th March 2012
I was having a debate with another Christian recently about healing who, unfortunately, tended to believe that God allowed people to go through sickness for some 'greater purpose' of His own. You can read/listen to my views about that elsewhere on this site, so I do not intend to expand on them here. However, this friend stated that 'if everybody was always healed, then no-one would ever die', a comment I have often heard 'traditional' Christians make, so I thought that I would reply to it.

The Bible says "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangs on a tree: That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit (the Lord heals through the Holy Spirit) through faith" (Galatians 3:13-14).

How wonderful is our inheritance as Christians! We do not get the evil that should be ours. We all deserve hell, but when we come to Jesus, we get Heaven. We are also not under the curse of sickness and (early) death any longer, because of what Jesus did for us at the cross.

However, we are not redeemed from the curse on the earth, (toiling the ground; labour pains for women; and death and decay etc.) which came as a result of the fall, because the law had not been given at that time.

What I am trying to say, is that we will all eventually die one day (unless the 'rapture' comes first!) but that there is no reason why we should die either sick or early, if Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.

21st March 2012
Our government is now talking about the possibility (or probability) of the legalisation of 'gay marriage' in the UK, maybe even in churches. We already have 'civil partnerships' so I thought I would see what God's perspective on this is:

Let me first state that God hates homosexuality (Read Genesis 18 & 19 if you don't believe me!). God created Adam and Eve; He did not create Adam and Steve! God hates all sin. He loves the sinner, but not the sin. Some say that homosexuality is no worse a sin than any other, which is true in some respects but, in the Old Testament, the Israelites were told to completely destroy everything in the lands of Canaan etc., into which they were heading. This was because God was very angry as a result of the sin of those people, which, in their case, also included child sacrifices. (Deut 13:31). Sodom and Gomorrah, where homosexuality was rife, were destroyed by fire and brimstone (molten sulphur) from heaven, the only recorded instance of this happening, (and they have never been found since!) which shows that God must have been extremely annoyed with the practice of this particular sin.

Under the old covenant, if those people refused to repent, a Holy God had no choice but to destroy them. However, today, we are under the new covenant. God gave His Son Jesus, so that if we sin, and we truly turn away from that sin, we are forgiven, and the sin is wiped from His memory (1 John 1: 8-9). Contrary to what a lot of people want to believe, we choose to sin. We always have done, and will always do so! Many people have tried, in vain, in recent years, to prove that some are born with a homosexual gene, and thus justify the practice, and the word ‘gay’ has been used to trivialise it. Sometimes, people can even be conditioned by society into believing that they are ‘gay’. The devil is always trying to tempt us and, although it may seem to be difficult to do so, we need to cast down any thoughts of this type completely, and then the devil will flee from us (James 4:7). All humankind has an in-built sense of right and wrong, and we all have the ability to say ‘No’ when tempted. Whether we actually choose to say ‘No’ is another matter! God will not allow us to be tempted beyond that which we can bear, and will always give us a way out (1 Cor 10:13). Often, that way out is to say ‘No’!

Therefore, I can only conclude that to be a practising homosexual, in God's eyes, is a choice and a sin, and one that we, as Christians, should reject.

17th March 2012
As I am sitting here writing this, there is a lot of speculation about Israel possibly going to attack Iran's nuclear plants in the not-too-distant future. I believe that it is highly likely to happen soon, despite America probably trying to persuade Israel not to go ahead. The problem occurs because President Ahmajinedad of Iran believes it is his religious duty to destroy Israel and, if he gets nuclear weapons, he will definitely do so, so the Israelis will want to carry out pre-emptive strikes on the nuclear sites.

The history behind this is as follows:
In 70AD the Jews rebelled against the Romans, and were mercilessly crushed. (Remember when Jesus was going to the cross, He said, "Don't weep for me, but weep for your children and their children" as He foresaw this event, now known as the 'Diaspora'). After the Jews were expelled from Palestine (as the Romans called it), people from nearby countries moved in over time and the area eventually became Muslim. (Remember Richard the Lionheart and all the crusades in the 12th/13th centuries?)

When Israel was eventually restored as a nation in 1948, this was a poke in the eye to the Muslim community, since Mohammed in the Koran declared that once a country had become Islamic, it was never to revert to its previous status. Therefore, if Israel remains intact as a state, it would mean that Mohammed was wrong. That is absolutely unthinkable to a Muslim, so therefore Israel must be eliminated and if Ahmajinedad does so, he believes he will be doing the will of his god, Allah.