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Why I believe...God Hates Christmas!

I believe with all my heart that God is disgusted and saddened about what Christmas has deteriorated into in the minds of MOST people. I sincerely believe that God hates Christmas. Christmas has become so synthetic, so tacky, so meaningless.
It's a mad rush by businesses after the summer holidays to make as much money as possible before Christmas day. Christmas has sadly become VERY commercialised. Money, money, money!

Christmas isn't supposed to be about spending and giving; it's about the birth of Jesus Christ. It's about God's free gift of eternal life to a world of undeserving sinners. We all deserve to burn in Hell for our sins, but God in His wonderful love provided a way of escape for mankind, a plan of redemption. God wanted to redeem man back to Himself. So God sent His only begotten Son into the world to be rejected of men, despised, spit upon, beaten, mocked, tortured, bound and ultimately crucified to death as a criminal.
Oh, that people would seek the truth! Santa Claus is a mockery of the Saviour, who knows everything and can be everywhere at one time. Interestingly, Santa spells S-A-T-A-N if you rearrange the letters. Coincidence?

X-mas Has Become a Favourite Holiday of the Wicked Unsaved
Tragically, nearly all of the people celebrating Christmas aren't even saved. Most of the people observing the Christmas season don't know the Lord as their personal Saviour. Even atheists throughout the world celebrate Christmas by renaming it "X-MAS."
"Bank Holiday Monday" is much longer than "Christmas," yet no one ever calls it "X-Day." "Thanksgiving" is much longer than "Christmas," yet the Americans never call it "X-giving." Why is it that out of all the holidays in the UK, the ONLY place where people feel compelled to place an "X" is over our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is blatant evil. If you are reading this article and love the Lord Jesus, make sure to speak out loud to any business that displays the godless term "x-mas."
If it weren't for Santa Claus, reindeers, mistletoe, sparkling ornaments, tinsel, and a bunch of meaningless silly songs... the heathen world would abandon Christmas like a hot-potato.
So do you think that God Almighty is pleased with a holiday that EXCLUDES Jesus Christ? No way! God hates Christmas. And may I say again, there is NOTHING in the Word of God which leads us to recognize the birth of Christ in any way.
(By the way, the Bible never leads anyone to recognize Mary in any way either. The entire Catholic religion is based upon the humongous lie that people are supposed to praise and adore Mary. Just like a child with toffee all over his face who denies going into the sweet jar, so are Catholics found guilty when they claim they don't worship or pray to Mary while continually bowing to her image and statue. The truth cannot be denied... Catholics worship Mary!!)

The Bible Doesn't Ask Believers to Observe Christmas
Did you ever stop to think that there is NOTHING in the Bible which commands us to celebrate or recognize Christmas? Yes, that is true! God never tells us to recognize the birth of His Son.

However, we are commanded in the Bible to recognise the Lord's death upon the cross. This is done during the Lord's supper. At the Lord's Supper in church, we remember Jesus' body which was crucified upon the cross and His blood which was shed to cleanse our sins away. The Lord's supper is something which God wants all believers to do. Of course, the unsaved have no right to partake of the Lord's supper. Only a born-again Christian has a right to join in the Lord's supper.
Please note that I am not talking about the Catholic's heathen practice of Mass or the Eucharist. The Catholics believe that they are actually eating Jesus and drinking His blood. I do not believe such cannibalistic traditions of man. The Bible clearly teaches that we are simply performing the Lord's Supper to "remember" what Jesus has done for us. Jesus has provided the opportunity for us to have our sins completely forgiven through His cleansing blood. We simply need to call (rely) upon Jesus' name (Romans 10:13). Only through Jesus Christ alone can ANY person be born-again (John 14:6).

God doesn't magnify Christmas in the Bible. The term "Christmas" is not a Biblical term. God never told us to celebrate Easter either! We are not commanded to observe Good Friday. We are only commanded to "remember" Jesus' work of redemption from time-to-time. The world recognises a bunch of holidays which God does not. God recognises Jesus being crucified upon the cross and He wants us to recognise that alone.

The Amount of Money That Britons Spend on Christmas Could Feed Millions of Starving People in Several Third-World Nations

Christmas has become a joke. If we took all the money spent on Christmas trees, tinsel, ornaments, wrapping paper, snowmen, flashing lights, and everything else imaginable... we could literally feed millions of people in several starving third-world nations.
Are we really celebrating Jesus' birthday? Don't you think it would mean much more to God if you helped someone for Christmas instead of decorating your home inside and out? Certainly it would. We are nuts! We go out of our way to teach children in schools the importance of recycling aluminium cans, while never a word is said about reducing the number of abortions. It's "save the whales, murder the children." Britons spend MILLIONS of pounds spoiling their dogs and cats at home, while people starve to death around the globe (2.8 BILLION people on this planet live on less than $2 (£1.20) per day). That's nearly half the population!
All I'm saying is that we tend to spend all of our money on ourselves and our familes and friends without ever thinking about OTHERS.

Satan Claus Has Come to Town! - Satan Claus!
Santa is evil! Santa Claus is wicked. Santa is of the Devil. Did you ever stop to realize that Santa Claus is a clone of the Lord Jesus, intended to replace Jesus in the minds of little children. Read on .....

Just as Jesus knows all, so does Santa. Santa knows if you've been bad or good, something that ONLY God could know (Proverbs 15:3).
Santa brings unlimited amounts of goodness and gifts to the world, but the Bible says that all good things come only from God (James 1:17).
Santa is always pictured as a jolly and righteous fellow, but ONLY Jesus is without sin (2nd Corinthians 5:17).
Santa has superpowers: able to make reindeers fly, speak all languages, travel the entire world in one night, able to deliver billions of pounds of presents; but the Bible teaches that ONLY the Lord Jesus Christ can do all things (Jeremiah 32:27).
Santa also comes down a chimney, representing Christ who will return from above.

Clearly, everything about Santa Claus is a demonic replica of our precious Saviour. Santa Claus is a great imposter, a phony, a fake!!! This is why I call Santa, Satan Claus. Little children are extremely impressionable and DO believe that Santa exists. The consequences of such wickedness is to effectively block Jesus Christ out of a child's mind. Little children spend thousands of hours during each year thinking about Satan Claus, while ignoring the Lord God Who created them. John 1:10, "He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not."

Biblically, Jesus could not have been born in December. I am not against celebrating Christ's birth, not at all. But I am against the Satanic deceptions which the Devil's crowd has integrated with Christ's birth to manufacture the worldly holiday of Christmas.
Santa Claus became extremely popular when Coca Cola really began promoting him in the 1940's. Today, Santa has replaced Jesus in the minds of most children. Ask any child what they know about Jesus, and then Santa, and see what answers you get. Most children know a lot about Santa from singing all the songs about Santa, but there are no Christmas songs for children which describe the Lord. The world's Christmas songs are designed to instil a picture into the child's mind of "WHO" Santa is.

Tragically, Santa is an exact clone of the Lord Jesus Christ. Children are taught that Santa (Not Jesus) watches them all the time, knows if they're bad or good, and will reward them if they are good. Children do believe these lies of Satan. The FACT that the Postal Service receives millions of letters each Christmas addressed to "Santa Claus" is proof enough of this fact.

God does NOT make a big deal out of Christmas and I think we would be wise to do the same. In fact, God does not make an issue of it at all. If God was concerned about us celebrating Jesus' birth, then He would have given us a date or time to celebrate, but He didn't.

I think God hates Christmas for many reasons:
1. The greed of Christmas. Let's face it, Britons alone spend millions of pounds just on Christmas.
2. The massive amount of money spent on decorations while the poor go hungry. Christmas to most people is all about having fun.
3. The heathen formalism of false religions like Catholicism. God doesn't care about mass or the seven sacraments...NOT AT ALL! God wants you to call upon Jesus to forgive your sins and come into your heart. God wants your heart, not religion.
4. The "give to get" mentality of most people. It's really quite sickening as I listen to all the Christmas music. Santa Claus is the hero of Christmas, not Jesus Christ. "What's Santa going to bring me?"...gimme, gimme, gimme!
5. The wicked diminishing of "Christmas" to "Xmas." This is so wrong! I see "Xmas" everywhere I go. Should it be any surprise that Christ would be removed from a holiday which centres around commercial greed.
6. Christmas charity is not righteousness. Just because you give some charity money at Christmas doesn't bring you one bit closer to God unless you have come through the blood of Jesus Christ. Your good works are filth to God (Isaiah 64:6). You need to ask Jesus to forgive you of all your wicked sins.
7. Worldly Christmas parties. All across the country at Christmas time, booze flows and the whores take off their clothes. Every company I have ever worked for has invited me to their godless Christmas party. To date, I have never gone to one of them (and never will). All I hear afterwards is reports of nudity, booze, worldly entertainment, and immorality. No thanks Satan, I'll stay home with Jesus!
8. The utter hypocrisy of people. Everywhere you go throughout December, you will hear Christmas music. Openly homosexual singer, Elton John, has a Christmas album. Homosexuality is an abominable sin according to the Bible! Radio stations play his music all across the world. When sinners living in wicked rebellion against God sing Christmas praises, do you think God is pleased? I tell you, God is extremely angry! (Psalm 7:11). God has no pleasure in the song of fools (Ecclesiastes 7:5). You'll hear "Holy, holy, holy" one song, and then godless Michael Jackson the next. The radio-waves at Christmas time are filled with the most ungodly and reprobate heathens singing Christmas is a horrid STENCH in the nostrils of God.
It is for these reasons and others that I believe God hates Christmas. God is angry with the wicked every day (Psalm 7:11). God is not pleased by a child-murdering nation. God is not pleased by a nation that loves witchcraft (Harry Potter). What right do we have to celebrate Christ when we spit on the Bible and disobey the plainest teachings in the Bible... "Thou shalt not kill." God is extremely angry with us for our many sins. We are a woeful people in need of God's judgment.

If you truly want to celebrate Jesus' birthday, then do it quietly without making the retailers richer. Use that money to help the poor. Jesus is in Heaven today, He wants us to help the poor. Don't be like the wicked in theworld, who only give ONCE a year, we should give to the poor at all times.