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A- Attitude
A001 Success Through One’s Attitude
A002 The Principle Of Persistence
A003 Success & Self-Esteem
A004 How To Live Without Worry
A005 Communicating Successfully
A006 Living A Limitless Life
A007 Power Through Prayer

F- Faith
F001 Grace & Faith
F002 The Truth About Paul’s ‘Thorn In The Flesh’
F003 What You Need To Know About Prayer
F004 Should A Christian Celebrate Christmas?
F005 Brave-hearted Faith In the Workplace

G - God
G001 God Loves You
G002 Is the NIV Bible the word of God?
G003 The Evils of Feminism
G004 What are the errors in the King James Bible?
G005 Why I Believe God Hates Christmas
G006 The Sovereignty Of God
G007 Proof That Evolution Is A Hoax

H - Healing
H001 Healing Basics
H002 Reasons Why People Are Not Healed
H003 Objection: God wouldn't heal Paul's thorn in the flesh
H004 The Grand Canyon of Stupidity
H005 Healing is ours

M- Money
M001 Prosperity Or Poverty?
M002 Biblical Economics

P- Prophecy
P001 The Return Of Christ
P002 The Great Escape
P003 The Great Tribulation
P004 The Great Harlot
P005 The Great White Throne Judgment
P006 Preparing For The Apocalypse
P007 The Last Dictator
P008 The Coming New World Order
P009 Mystery Babylon
P010 Sleeping With The Enemy
P011 What If Tomorrow Never Comes?
P012 The Roadmap To Peace?
P013 Jerusalem & The Church
P014 The Battle For Jerusalem Has Begun
P015 World War III Has Begun!
P016 From Abraham To Armageddon
P017 Judgment Day
P018 The First & Second Comings of Christ

Q- Questions
Q001 The Eternal Question
Q002 Can A Christian Also Be An Evolutionist?
Q003 Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?

R- Redemption
R001 The Triumph Of The Cross
R002 The Deliverance Of The Cross
R003 The Counterfeit Cross

S- The Holy Spirit
S001 The Inward Fruit Of The Holy Spirit
S002 The Outward Fruit Of The Holy Spirit
S003 The Upward Fruit Of the Holy Spirit 
S004 The Fatal Attraction Of Sexual Sins
S005 Spiritual Sins
S006 Social Sins

T- General Teachings
TA – The Lord’s Prayer
TA01 Our Father
TA02 Hallowed Be Thy Name
TA03 Thy Kingdom Come
TA04 Thy Will Be Done
TA05 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
TA06 Forgive Us….As We Forgive Those
TA07 Deliver Us From The Evil One
TA08 For Thine Is The Kingdom

TJ01 Jesus, The Bread Of Life

TT01 Temptation
TT02 A Choice Of Ways - The Wide Or Narrow Gate
Serving God With My Body

W-Spiritual Warfare
W001 What Authority Does Satan Have?
W002 The War Has Ended

X001 - Phil's Testimony (file to follow)
X002 - Healing Stories

Pastor John Hagee with Phil & AlisonPastor John Hagee with Phil & Alison

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