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Phil preaching the message (left) at Longhope Zion Baptist Church and (right) at the Forest of Dean Community Church
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Audio series

A001 -Success Through Ones’ Attitude - What is success? Do you want to be successful? Most of us picture success as being like someone that we are not. In the Word of God, though, success is for everyone. Find out why in this teaching..

A002 -The Principle Of Persistence - Are you persistent? Are you patient? Are you the sort of person who wants your antiques manufactured while you wait? You need to hear this talk!

A003 -Success & Self-Esteem - How do you feel about yourself? The way that you feel about yourself is going to determine your financial, spiritual and emotional future.Find out how God esteems you in this teaching.

A004 - How To Live Without Worry - Do you worry more than you should? Worry is a killer. This vital teaching, which was recorded at Longhope Baptist Church on 19th March 2017, shows you how to get that stress out of your life without chemicals or medicines.

A005 - Communicating Successfully - What is communication? I talk about five killers of communication that everyone uses almost every week to control people around you and the steps given in the Word of God towards achieving effective communication with everyone in your life.

A006 - Living A Limitless Life - How do you take the limits off your life? The answer is a lot simpler than you may realise. This essential teaching shows you how to do it!

A007 - Power Through Prayer - What is Prayer? How can you guarantee to get your prayers answered? How do you use the supernatural power of prayer? Find out here in this talk.

F001 - Grace & Faith - It is by grace that you are saved through faith (Ephesians 2:8+9). Here I tell about the relationship between grace and faith and how one does not operate independently of the other.

F002 - Paul’s ‘Thorn In The Flesh’ - Many people believe that Paul's thorn in the flesh was a sickness put on him by God to humble him, but scripturally, this is totally incorrect. Find out the truth in this revealing talk.

F003 - What You Need To Know About Prayer - Why should we pray? I answer that question and suggest a better way to pray and how to make our prayer effective.

F004 - Should A Christian Celebrate Christmas? - Discover in this interesting talk whether we should put Christ back into Christmas or even take Him out of it altogether!

F005 - Bravehearted Faith In the Workplace - This talk was recorded at the Forest of Dean Community Church on 4th August 2013.

H001/2 - Healing - These 2 vital talks describe God's methods of healing and give reasons why people are often not able to receive their healing.

M001 - Prosperity Or Poverty? - Many people believe that humility and poverty are both desirable and interchangeable in a Christian's life. Does God want us to prosper, or is prosperity the same as greed? This teaching may change your thinking forever!

M002 - Biblical Economics - Does God want you to prosper financially as well as spiritually? Should a Christian tithe? If so, how and where? This talk gives you all the answers!

P001 - The Return Of Christ - The second coming of Jesus is imminent. Are you ready?
Find out now in this talk.

P002 - The Great Escape - Are we the last generation? Will there be a rapture? If so, who will be taken and who will be left? You need to hear this teaching, which was recorded at Longhope Baptist Church on 17th September 2017.

P003 - The Great Tribulation - This is what is going to happen in the administration of the Antichrist, when he rules the earth and the wrath of God is poured out upon a Christ-rejected world. When you hear this you need to make sure that you & every member of your family do not experience it! This talk was recorded at Longhope Baptist Church on 12th November 2017.

P004 - The Great Harlot - Who is she? Where did this apostate church system begin? What do they believe? Why does God in Revelation 17 call her a great harlot of mystery Babylon? Do you believe what this apostate church believes? Why did God say that He is going to crush it and, most importantly, are you in it? You need to hear this teaching!

P005 - The Great White Throne Judgment - The Bible says it is appointed once to man to die, then the judgment. There are five different judgments in scripture. The Great White Throne Judgment is for the wicked dead. This talk tells you how to avoid it!

P006 - Preparing For the Apocalypse - What is happening in the Middle East? Is the ‘war to end all wars’ about to happen? What does the Bible prophesy? Find out in this talk.

P007 - The Last Dictator - God showed the prophet Daniel the future in total detail. In the last days, there would be a man who would rule the world with an iron fist and great cruelty. In this crucial message, find out how you can avoid meeting this man.

P008 - The Coming New World Order - There is a new world order coming and you are going to be a part of it. It’s not a matter of if you are going to bow; it's only a matter of to whom you are going to bow. Find out how to make the choice that keeps you out of Hell!

P009 - Mystery Babylon - Saddam Hussein started to rebuild Babylon in Iraq on the River Euphrates. Will it eventually be rebuilt, or is the Bible talking about something else, with much more serious consequences? Find out in this essential message!

P010 - Sleeping With The Enemy - What has the war in the Middle East accomplished? "Not a lot", say some. However, we have an Achilles heel that could destroy our economy in days. You need to hear this talk!

P011 - What If There Is No Tomorrow ? - We watched the events of 9-11 live on international television. If terrorists acquire nuclear weapons, what will happen to you? If you want a secure future, you desperately need to listen to this message!

P012 - The Roadmap To Peace? - This talk was recorded at Longhope Baptist Church on 29th April 2018.

P013 - Jerusalem & The Church - How did Christianity become anti-Semitic? Has the church replaced Israel? I show you in scripture why Romans chapters 9-11 is God's position today regarding the Jewish people.

P014 -  The Battle For Jerusalem Has Begun – This talk was recorded at Longhope Baptist Church on 13th May 2018.

P015- World War III Has Begun! - The majority of people do not believe we are in a war for the survival of Western civilisation. Be warned as this message explains why this is so!

P016- From Abraham To Armageddon - This teaching explains why Arab nations are going to attack Israel in the very near future and what God has got planned for the Middle East.

P017- Judgment Day - Everyone will be judged when they stand before God. How you live will determine at which judgment you receive the summons from God to appear. Find out here how to make the right choice!

P018 - The First & Second Comings of Christ - This talk was recorded at Longhope Zion Baptist Church on 4th December 2016.

Q001 - The Eternal Question – The choices that you make today you will live with for an eternity. How long is that? Eternity has no end. The question is – Where will you spend it?

Q003 -  Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? – This talk was recorded at Longhope Baptist Church on 1st April 2018.

R001 - The Triumph Of The Cross - When Jesus said, “It is finished,” twelve things happened. Find out what these things are and how to receive victory in your life.

R002 -The Deliverance Of The Cross - The 21st century church can no longer identify the reality of Jesus, and the purpose of the cross, and of God, in sending His Son to the cross. This message is the centrality of the Word of God, for without the cross, nothing else matters!

R003 - The Counterfeit Cross - These are the crosses that the Devil allows you to carry for yourself. If you have one, I'll tell you why you urgently need to get rid of it, today!

S001 - The Inward Fruit Of the Holy Spirit - Love, Joy and Peace – Where are they in today’s world? Listen to this talk, which was recorded at Longhope Baptist Church on 14th January 2018, and find out!

S002 - The Outward Fruit Of The Holy Spirit - How do you relate to others? Do you have a short temper? Do you give up easily? Too many Christians today are all mouth and no action. You need to hear this message, which was recorded at Longhope Baptist Church on 11th February 2018.

S003 - The Upward Fruit Of The Holy Spirit - How do you relate to God? Are you meek? Are you faithful? Do you really have self-control? Find out God's opinion in this talk, which was recorded at Longhope Baptist Church on 25th February 2018.

S004 - The Fatal Attraction Of Sexual Sins - In this talk, the Holy Spirit is going to X-ray your heart, your home, your marriage, your mind, and your thoughts. What will the picture be?

S005 - Spiritual Sins - How often do we offend against the Holy Spirit? What other spiritual sins are there? Find out in this teaching.

S006 - Social Sins - These are our 'respectable' sins. What exactly are they? and Are you commiting them? Listen to this message and find out!

TA01 - ‘Our Father’ - Is there a family in your house? Are you under spiritual authority? What about the ‘Lord's Prayer’? This is a foundation of most churches’ teachings today. How should we pray it, or should we even pray it at all?

TA02 - ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ - What does it mean to honour the Lord? Does our country, or even the church in our country honour the Lord? Do we, as believers, honour the Lord? What are the benefits of honouring the Name of God? Find out in this talk!

TA03 - ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ - Are we already in the Kingdom of God, or is it still yet to come? Find out in this talk, recorded at Longhope Zion Baptist Church on 28th May 2017.

TA04 - 'Thy Will Be Done' - The ‘Will of God’ Heresy - People often say that it is God’s will when something bad happens in their life. Is this so? Does God even have two separate wills? Be surprised by this teaching!

TA05 - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread – Martin Luther said that this phrase, ‘Give us this day our daily bread’ refers to the whole totality of God's provision. Hear why we should be specific in our prayers.

TA06 - ‘Forgive Us…As We Forgive’ - In this message you are going to hear that forgiveness is not optional, if you want the favour of God.

TA07 - ‘Deliver Us From The Evil One’ - This is going to be one of the most controversial messages I have ever taught. Is Satan real? Are demons real? How do you recognise demonic activity in people other than your mother-in-law? Find out in this talk.

TA08 - ‘For Thine Is the Kingdom’ -This talk is about discovering the power and the purpose of God in your life. You need to get this message!

TJ01 - Jesus, The Bread Of Life - This talk was recorded at the Forest of Dean Community Church.

TT01 - Temptation - This talk was recorded at the Forest of Dean Community Church when I defined and answered questions about temptation and how to deal with it.

TT02 - A Choice Of Ways - The Wide Or Narrow Gate? - This talk was recorded at the Forest of Dean Community Church.

TT03 - Serving God With My Body - This talk was recorded at the Forest of Dean Community Church.

W001 - What Authority Does Satan Have? - Is the god of this world all-powerful? Can we, as humans, do anything about seemingly unalterable spiritual and natural situations? Find out in this message.

W002 - The War Has Ended - Did you know that God is no longer angry with you, even if you are NOT a Christian? Be surprised and encouraged by this teaching, which was recorded at Longhope Baptist Church on 24th December 2017.

X001 - Phil's Personal Testimony

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