Some healing stories

I am relating these stories in order to show that God is still at work today in the 21st century, and that healing did not 'pass away with the Apostles' as some people believe. My attitude, when the Lord prompts me to pray for someone is, as you will see, 'OK, Lord, I'll do it!' and leave the rest to Him. I pray with authority of the Name of Jesus, (as opposed to 'wishful thinking'!) and command whatever it is to get in line with the word of God'. After all, Jesus said, 'You lay hands on the sick and they SHALL recover! Jesus said to, "Heal the sick"! Matthew 10:8, "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give." I think it's interesting how Jesus didn't tell us to pray and ask God to heal the sick, He told US to heal the sick!

I have never seen where Jesus prayed, "Father, please heal this person!" Instead, we see that Jesus healed people with His spoken Word! In John 5:8, Jesus told the man to, "...Rise, take up your bed, and walk."

The early church healed people in this same manner. In Acts 3:6, "...Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk."

Notice in Luke 9:1 that He not only gave His disciples authority over all devils, but also to cure diseases: "Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases."

Authority is exercised when there is a RIGHT to exercise it. They weren't praying and asking God to heal people, they had the authority to heal, and they were exercising it with a spoken word, just as Jesus did!

I want to clarify that I'm not saying that prayer can't heal people... because it can (James 5:14-15)... I'm just saying that, in the Bible, we are taught to heal the sick using the authority that Jesus gave us! I have seen and heard of many healings that took place through prayer, so I'm not saying not to pray, or that prayer doesn't work. I'm simply saying that we have authority over sickness, and therefore we can exercise our authority to bring about healing in another person's life, as long, of course, as they are willing for us to do so!

I also think it's interesting how Mark 16:17-18 tells us that healing can come through the laying on of hands: "And these signs shall follow them that believe... they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." The laying on of hands can encourage the transferring of power from us into the person and heal them, just like the woman who felt power flow from Jesus when she touched the hem of His garment (Mark 5:30)! Jesus said that those who believe will have the Holy Ghost flowing out of their innermost being (John 7:38-39), and even Peter's shadow healed people (Acts 5:15)!

Lloyd Maycock
Lloyd and I played together in a dance band over 25 years ago. Although we kept in contact via Christmas cards etc, we had not met up for a long time. On the weekend of 28th–30th January 2005 my friend Ken Townley and I went down to an F.G.B.M.F.I. healing conference at Sidmouth, where the main speaker was Ian Andrews.

The following Monday evening, 31st January, we had our usual prayer meeting at Ken's house and Ken and I felt led to pray for Lionel and Eddie.(2 other FGB members). I felt an anointing of the Holy Spirit flowing down my right arm into Lionel's head while I was praying for him. When I got home at about 10:45pm, my son David said, “Dad, Some dude from Cheltenham phoned up called Mark Maycock and he said to tell you that Lloyd was in hospital and he had had a heart attack and would I send him prayers or maybe telephone him”. I immediately felt the Holy Spirit tell me that I had to go and lay hands on Lloyd and pray for him, so the following afternoon I rang Mark and told him that God had told me to come and lay hands on his father and to pray for him. Mark said that was OK, except that as his Dad was in the intensive care unit at Cheltenham hospital, only family members were allowed to visit him, but he reckoned that he could get me access as Lloyd's 'pastor'! So I arranged with him to visit Lloyd on the Wednesday morning (2nd February)

I arrived at the hospital at about 11:30 am and was told by the charge nurse that Lloyd had been taken down to the theatre about 20 minutes earlier for some tests to be carried out. I asked, “How long would he be?” She replied, “Half-an-hour, maybe an hour”, so I decided to wait, as it was not worth going back home. I waited for half an hour, but there was no sign of him returning, so I went for a stroll round the hospital grounds and into the cafe for a cup of tea and a cake, but after an hour there was still no sign of him when I returned to the waiting room. At about 12:50 pm, Lloyd's wife, Hazel, and son Mark, appeared. Apparently, they had been visiting Lloyd earlier, before he went down for his tests and had been told to return about lunchtime, so we sat and reminisced about past times together.

We waited, and waited, and waited. Eventually, at about 2:35pm, a doctor appeared and said that Lloyd had had an arrest and they had had to carry out some emergency angioplasties on Lloyd's heart and that his kidneys had failed and that he would have to have dialysis. The doctor said that we could see Lloyd briefly, but obviously, we would have to wash our hands first, and that he was in not a very good condition. I asked the doctor what his chances were and the doctor replied, “Only 50:50”. He also warned us to be prepared for a shock because tubes were coming out of Lloyd everywhere. So we went in and saw Lloyd. The tubes were as the doctor said, and Lloyd was totally unconscious. So I laid my hand on Lloyd’s head, and promptly forgot almost everything that Ian Andrews had taught! So I prayed silently, “God, this has got to be you!” and then said, “Holy Spirit, heal!” I did not feel any great power flowing down my arm this time, but Mark commented afterwards that he could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room. We only had about three minutes with Lloyd, after which I bade my farewells, asking the family to keep in touch with me, and just got back to Parkend in time for my next teaching.

I heard nothing for the next 10 days and I thought, “Oh well, no news is good news”. Then on the afternoon of Saturday 12th February, just after Alison had taken the children to the cinema, I received a phone call. The voice at the other end said, “Hello young Wenty!” I asked, “ Is that you Lloyd?” He said, “Yes, the hospital are allowing me home during the day at the moment and next Wednesday they hope that I will be permanently at home”. I said, "I would like to come and visit you, maybe on Friday", to which he agreed.
We had to go and visit Alison's mother on the Friday, so I went on my motorbike to see Lloyd at his home on Thursday (17th) morning. Two friends of his from the Vineyard Church in Cheltenham were there when I arrived, but they left after about an hour. Lloyd was sat there in his dressing gown, looking remarkably well. He said, "I want to thank you very much for praying for me", to which I replied, "It was a pleasure to!" He then told me that he had had his first heart attack four weeks before and, on the morning when I went to the hospital while they were carrying out the tests that he had an arrest and actually died! He then described the experience several times in great detail.
He said, “I was lying, facedown, totally naked on this large, cold, mirror. I felt a total absence of God. There was like a mass of black goo coming out of me, and it was horrible. Then I heard you praying”. I asked, "How did you know it was me?" He replied, "I would know your voice anywhere". He then said, “As you were praying, this black mass turned red, like blood, and it became warm. I then heard this voice, which I now believe to have been the Holy Spirit say to me, “Sit up, and turn around”. When I did so, there was a bright light in front of me and this soft voice said to me, ‘Walk towards the light’. So I did, and as I got to the light, I revived”.

“I also want to thank God that my kidneys are perfectly healed and I do not need dialysis. I have no pain whatsoever, apart from a slightly sore throat where I had the tubes put down inside me.

I then realised that while I was waiting for Lloyd initially in the waiting room I was praying for him and this was probably the time when he heard me!

Before I left Lloyd and Hazel, I prayed for him again and broke the curse of diabetes in his family, which had been put on them by somebody in India, and from which he had suffered for years, and I am believing that he is now healed of this.

Lloyd’s hospital notes state that he made ‘a dramatic recovery!’ He also told me subsequentally that the hospital at one stage gave him a 1 in 100 chance of survival!

I spoke to Lloyd on the telephone on 18th June and he said that he had been to see the specialist at the hospital and had been told that he no longer needed to see him as he was completely healed.

Lloyd & Hazel came to a meeting at Gorsley on Thursday 11th August and he drove there and back! & he has been to several meetings since then.

Tony Brown
On the morning of Saturday 19th February 2005 I was woken up by the Holy Spirit at about 4:15am and told to go and pray for and lay hands on Tony Brown who was in Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. His wife, Mo, had previously phoned me enquiring about guitar lessons for her son, who attended Parkend School. I argued with the Lord for nearly 2 1/2 hours, thinking, “If I telephone her, she will think that I am a twit or something”, but the Lord said to me, “There is no one else, so it will have to be you!” I said, “OK, Lord, give me a Bible verse to confirm it,” so I opened the Bible and it came open to Jeremiah. Then I thought, “No, this needs to be New Testament”, so I opened it again and it opened at John 9:9, where Jesus laid his hands on all who were sick and they were healed. I thought, “OK Lord, I'll do it!” So the following morning at about 9:30am I rang Mo, and said, “Hi, this is Phil Wentworth, the music teacher here. You rang me about 18 months ago asking for lessons for your son, Alex. However, I am not ringing you about that. Your husband is in hospital isn’t he? Well, this may sound weird to you, but God has told me to come with you to the hospital and lay hands on him and pray for him”. There was a stunned silence for about five seconds, and then she said, “Okay then!”
So the following Wednesday morning, (23rd February) I picked Mo up and took her down in the car to Frenchay Hospital. Tony was in a separate section to the main hospital, in a room with one other person. The other man in the room was being attended to when we first got there, so I could not pray with Tony immediately. When the room had cleared of people, I laid my hand on Tony's head and prayed that his head would be healed by the sweat blood of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, and commanded any spirit of infirmity to leave, in Jesus’ Name. I did not feel a huge flow of the Holy Spirit at the time, but Tony started shaking violently as I prayed. After I had prayed for him, we came straight back home, leaving his recovery in God's hands.
On 9th March, I heard that apparently, about three days previously Tony had moved one of his arms and one of his legs for the first time since last year. Regrettably Tony passed away on the evening of Tuesday 24th May 2005. Mo had been talking to him the previous night and had asked him, “Do you love me? – if ‘yes’ blink your eye, if not, do nothing” and Tony blinked an eye. Mo now has a new relationship.

Mary Hawkesworth
Mary is the sister of Joan Buckland, who is in the worship team with me. Joan telephoned me and said that Mary had had a stroke and was not recognising anybody, so I prayed with Joan over the phone and agreed for Mary’s healing. On Saturday 26th March 2005, Joan phoned me and said that Mary was completely recovered and was now recognising everyone.

Ken Townley
Ken had been suffering from some sort of virus for several weeks at the beginning of 2005 and was in bed when I went to visit him on Sunday 20th March. I prayed for him and he went to see the doctors on Thursday 24th March for a blood test etc, and they told him that there was nothing wrong with him! He eventually went back to work on 23rd May.

Joan Buckland
Joan had to go into hospital for a possible diabetes check (blood sugar levels) on Tuesday 29th March. I agreed with her over the phone that these results would be negative. Praise the Lord that she is still fine today.

Colin Stevens
Colin was suffering from a flu and diarrhoea bug when I phoned him on the morning of 26th March. I prayed for him over the phone and agreed for his complete healing, which he received.

On Saturday 24th March 2012, I came home from a church walk about 2pm and by 6pm that evening I had developed a 'stinking' cold from somewhere. My nose was dripping like a tap! (It was not hay-fever; I have never suffered from that.) Alison and I took God's authority over that cold and commanded it to go. About 10pm, I suddenly realised, that the cold had completely gone and my nostrils and throat were perfectly clear. I had not taken any sort of medication for it either.